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Goddess Veneration and Mystical Pilgrimage to Kemet

Welcome Friends and Family HWUNET would like to inform you about a once in a lifetime journey home join us on a Mystical Pilgrimage to KEMET.
SEPTEMBER 12 - 23, 2020

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Congresswoman Yvette Clarke pushes for diversity in media and challenges Comcast to do right by Black people
Many young, Black women first learn about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

L.A. Urban League threatens Comcast with boycott over civil rights battle with Entertainment Studios:
Comcast may have a publicity nightmare on their hands thanks to the backlash and threats of a possible boycott

New Jersey NAACP chapter cancels screening of ‘Harriet’ to take stand in Comcast battle:
In solidarity with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s ongoing fight with Comcast




Message from the Messenger:

Today in Babyon January 3rd 2020 the parasites did not waste anytime..Could this be another False Flag?  On the 3rd Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani (SHIA) commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corp's elite Quds Force is assassinated...When will it end?


Today is November 1st 2019 and the WAR is on racism is showing it's head we now see Comcast / NBC Universal a 85 Billion dollar company trying to destroy the protection of A.D.O.S. they want to take us back to 1865. How can one human being take away the right of another human being? The corporation of Comcast is trying to strip the rights of A.D.O.S. AHYAH do you see these demonic parasites? Now we know where to focus all of our energy on DESTROY THIS BEAST!

WHO are they? Comcast =  Robert Max Roberts + Russian Jews (Ashkenazi the serpent seed). The battle is on they want to wipe us out! IF WE LOSS THEY LOSS and it will DESTROY AMERICA! 

The list of Traders: Which members of the CBC have spoken up about the attack on the Civil Rights Act of 1866?

AHYAH my YAH, thank you for another beautiful day from the smallest tree to the sea it's all good AHYAH I ask that you protect and guide your people. I ask that you open our minds so that we comprehend how wicked this system is and If the enemy of our enemy is our friend than we are our only friend. That demonic thief has destroyed your people from the smallest tree to the sea. Unify us AHYAH and teach us how to become economically sound until we are perfectly in tune. AHYAH I ask that you give us deeper and perfect insight on how to reverse this mind control that they have placed on us. Remind us how to support each other, remove the snake so that we can love again start from Father's to Son's and Mother's to Daughter's as we rebuild our community. AHAYH my YAH, bring back Black wealth that spiritual gold that build the dreams we heard of, bring us back to that status AHYAH my YAH when we were the apple of your eye when You made us shine so that the whole world took notice until we lost our way, lost our people and lost our wealth bring it back AHYAH. Bring back black wall-street help us create and support black owned banks and do business with our own community from the tree to the sea Unify the content of Africa help us reconnect with the diaspora from the Caribbean to the South of Satan and than AHYAH bring us back to Yahushua and our Elders, back to the days of rest after weeks of joy and honest conversation. Help us be the people you created us to be that perfect frequency that puts the world in tune thank you AHYAH my YAH.

The wealth went from the West and now rises in the East. The ruling parasites The controllers of China, The House of Saudi Arabia and The Zionist are still using their power plays. The Snake and it's seed have transferred their wealth into the East (EU, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, African re-colonized nations etc...)now they can destroy the West (America, Australia, Canada aka The United Kingdom and white Angola-Saxon nations.) which was present Babylon (1944 - 2016). However another BEAST is rising from the East a.k.a little horn. This is why the HEBREWS the CHRISTIANS and the Muslims need to WAKE UP! Our battle has begun.    



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