Pawns and Rebels 400 years and counting

Welcome friends and family, old and new listeners you are listening to Signs and Wonders Broadcast I am your host Dawid Yacob Maccabeus today's date is March 20th 2019. And to those that know March 20th officially welcomes in the New Years. The captured State of Israel often camouflages this as the celebration of Purim this day also falls on the Spring equinox making it the first and the most powerful full moon of the year. In addition for those that read and know scriptures 14 days after the New Year under the moon of darkness the Hebrews escaped bondage. This event is known as the Passover, therefore the official start of Passover will be on the 3rd day of April 2019. I would like to say Happy New Year on this 400 year anniversary of the Hebrews of the Seed of Yacob from modern day Egypt. Thank you for celebrating this moment with your brother Dawid Yacob Maccabeus on Signs and Wonders the broadcast that came Right On Time.


Message: Thank you AHYAH my YAH for allowing me to see this day. Thank you for this message and allowing me to speak to your children. I ask that you open the ears of those specific people that need to hear this message. AHYAH send you power to this message help us organize in love and in respect for each other. Show us how to destroy this beast, you said in your world after the 400 years we will be freed with great substance AHYAH, you said in your word that Babylon on Babylon will fall. AHYAH I know you always keep your word. Give us the power and wisdom to receive justice I ask that you fulfill the prophesy and destroy the Edomites and strip them of their power and wealth. Thank you AHYAH my YAH all Praise YAHUWAH in the power name of Yahushua all praise Yah all praise Yah all praise Yah.

Today’s message is entitled Pawns and Rebels 400 years and counting this is the second part in a three part series. In our previous broadcast called Prophets of War and the Trump Casino I spoke on the state of Black people in America and the push for Reparations in this message I would like to reiterate this push and append this topic to the Pawns and Rebels series as well. In Pawns and Rebels Rise of the Black Messiah we learned that Black Gate Keepers the pawns and revolutionaries the rebels are always integrated into our communities. Pawns are also unknowing helping in the destruction of their own demises. The Upper class know as the Boule spoken of by Steve Cokely is an example of this fact. Today the Black Gate Keepers are on main stream media telling us whom we should trust as they sells us out for 30 pieces of silver. I today’s world there is no shortage of Africa Pawn shops. I advise you to listen Rise of the Black Messiah so that you are up to speed on the method of operations the dominate society employs to hinder our rise.

Okay lets start where we left off on part one the European slave trade during the time frame of 1619 when the first African seed was enslaved in North America. The Africans that were stolen, sold by African pawn shops via the Catholic Papal Bulls to European and Arab slave trader. Sold from the Slave Coast of West Africa exactly 400 years ago this year and brought to the Continent of North America. Now first I want to explain to white America and African pawns why these details matters. Slavery is an open wound never healing the results of slavery built the prison this planet is in today. Scientific racism stems from those that wish to justify crimes against humanity. Scientific racism would not exist, Manifest destiny would not exist, Colonialism would not exist if it were not for slavery. The lucrative trade between the Monarchs of Europe the Ottoman Empire and African Muslim countries really happened on planet earth. Denying this fact is an injustice upon our ancestors. Denying this fact allows the perpetrators to build the prison planet you live on today. The pseudoscience of Scientific racism was used to justified the East and West Indian companies of Britain, Denmark, Portugal, France, Austria, Sweden and the African Company of Merchants justify crimes against humanity. Likewise the Hudson's Bay company of Canada, the Mississippi Company of America, the South Sea Company of the British Empire, the Ostend Company of the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire all have joined to commit the crime. They can not be left off the hook or the open wound will never heal. They sawed the seed of dysfunction we see in Africa today to delay justice, while cloaking their role in the destruction of Black civilization. The wealth disparity we see, the destruction of the environment we see, the poverty we see, the wars we see can be traced back to this open wound.

When we study and rediscover our great history we find the ancient Kingdoms of Punt, the Sabaean Kingdom, the Himyarite Kingdom and the Kingdom of Aksum. We find the Ethiopian Empire along with the Zagwe and Solomonic dynasties. We find the Mali Empire, the Jolof and Wolof Empires of Senegal, the Kingdom of Sine, the Oyo Empire of the Yoruba, the Kingdom of Dagbon of Ghana, the Ashanti, the Songhai Empire, the Empire of Great Fulo and the Kingdom of Kong found in the west of Africa. In South Africa we had the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Mutapa, the Kingdom of Butua, the Kingdom of Mapungubwe and in central Africa, the Kingdom of Buganda, the Kingdom of Burundi, the Kingdom of Rwanda and on and on, before the crime of human trafficking we had great powerful Kingdoms, Kingdoms so great that the comic book Wakanda would be considered common.

But than came the slave trade and yes slavery did exist on the continent prior, we know about it because we read about it. However the Ottoman Empire’s form of slavery was not the same type, the European form of slavery was not the same type, their type was so different that no great African Kingdoms remain. We now see only prisoners of war. The great Kingdoms of Africa have been distributed to the four corners of the earth in the form of human trafficking and as prisoners of war the enemy has tried to wiped out the greatness of our African culture. We also have to acknowledge the stolen legacy from North and South America even as I speak the black codes are still being enforced. They have placed our art and history in their museums and they cut us off from what we could have become. And like I said we will not have peace until we have reparations, there will be no peace on this planet until justice is severed and this justice is called Reparations.

Now let me be clear this is more than another rant on reparations this is my analysis of reputations focusing on the spiritual. I ask that you sit back, pull up a chair and listen and If you can’t listen now please download this message for a time when you can. I’m only scratching the surface and I pray that I give this extremely important topic justice. First I want to share a few spiritual revelations but before we get deep into this discussion I would like to acknowledge a few people. The topic of reparation falls under what is called restorative justice not social justice but restorative I discovered this clarification thanks to Dr. Tracey McCarthy on her YouTube video called “ADOS & REPARATIONS vs Social Justice |RE: Dr. Claud Anderson/AfriSynergy/ToneTalks”. Now let me properly edify, Dr. McCarthy is a Psychologist, Attorney and Educator this is a very intelligent Sister, an asset to our community. She breaks this information down with precise precision, If you want to go straight to the source you can visit her YouTube channel under the name Dr. Tracey McCarthy. Okay now what is restorative justice? This is a form of justice is a legal claim for example if you get into an altercation or someone steals from you the law will protect the innocent party and justice is enforced on the guilty party. Social justice is not a legal issue it’s a tool to control the masses. Let me explain my interpretation.

First lets analyses this word social found in the Merriam Webster dictionary it reads; Involving allies or confederates, of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society , tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others of one's kind : living and breeding in more or less organized communities, a : of, relating to, or based on rank or status in a particular society b : of, relating to, or characteristic of the upper classes. Now think about this definition because it reveals a lot we have a human society with “interdependent relationships with others of one’s kind, living and breeding in more or less organized communities, the welfare of human beings as members of society and social institutions”. What society in the United States has the power to enforce gentrification? Why was this word gentrification first used in 1964? The word social is also means “a rank or status in a particular society, a member of or social set relating to or characteristic of the upper classes”. Social justice is not a legal claim it is a construct. What do I mean? Social justice is psychological manipulation controlled by the dominate society the upper class. You should know this if you have listened to brother Steve Cokeley. I also speak on this in my previous broadcast entitled “The Purge became the Pause March 20th 2019 Count Down and the Trump Card” in this message I speak about the Fabian society and how the main goal of the Fabians is to bring in International Socialism. How propaganda of the deed is social engineering and the social justice warriors the SJWs are contrived psychological warfare tools. The recent popularity of Social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat which are controlled by multi-billionaires whom are telling you what you can and can not say and like I said I’m just scratching the surface Social Justice is a construct. The American Decedent of Slavery have been lead into a society that is designed to fail. This is how the upper class rule they create the rules for the lower classes of society.

Now before I continue I want to show a few examples on where the lower class of America will be if we do not deal with this issue today. The first example is India. In India they have the caste system consisting of five groups four at the top and one at the very bottom. At the top of society are the religious leaders like priest and scribes, than one step down are those of nobility Kings and Queens, than another step down are the teachers and scholars and at the bottom of the four are the Military and than at the very bottom they have the out of caste also known as the untouchables. The untouchables are not allowed to claim a caste, they are untouchable by way of birth, if a member of any of the caste is caught in the physical shadow of an untouchable they are cursed. This group of people are known as the Dalit now here is what this name means in India; “Dalit, meaning "broken/scattered" in Sanskrit and Hindi, is a term mostly used for the ethnic groups in India that have been kept depressed by subjecting them to untouchability” - Wikipedia. Okay now here is a little history. The Islamic Mughal Empire is ruling India from 1526 till 1857 and at the same time from 1505 till 1961 we see the Portuguese State of India along with the Dutch East India Company trading in slave labor. Now since we see the Portuguese posted in India we know the slaves are coming from Africa which means the religious leaders, the nobility, the scholars and most definitely the military are impregnating the imported African slaves. Now who do you think became the out of caste? Now how many heard caught the meaning of the name Dalit people? They are known as the broken and the scattered people now what are the physical feature of the Dalit? Have you ever seen a a Dalit? If not then you should know that they are the blackest people in India. They are the poorest people in India keep at the lowest level in Indian society. Even after they changed the laws in India the system is ingrained into society. After the passing of the Mughal rule the British Raj keep the caste system in place. Now you understand why in the United States you will see Indian intermarrying into white society and shunning the Black. The caste system is set in stone in their mind the most viscous inherited exported racism.

Okay now I’m going to give another example and this one is going to bring in more history and tie in additional parallels. In this second example I will speak on the caste system of Yemen and like India you will see that this is also a direct result of the African slave trade that was authorized by the Holy Roman Empire, the European Union of yesterday along with Arab and pseudo Jewish merchants. My goal is to bring your attention to the importance of knowing your enemy. The societies you see were created by the victors, we all live in the system of Babylon, a system built off of the backs of Human Trafficking. In order to maintain this system they must have the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor, the have and have not the system of Feudalism, When you are able to identify your enemies your are able to see the construction of their system. Justice in a Socially engineered system is not justice what you receive is what the system is willing to give. Therefore if the victor is the Great Architect of the Universe what do you expect to receive?

Now my next example on where the lower class of America will be if we do not deal with this issue today are the Al-Akhdam of Yemen. I will start with an explanation on what who the Akhdam are here is what Wikipedia say about these people

And it reads; "singular Khadem, meaning "servant" in Arabic “the marginalized ones ”; is a minority social group in Yemen. Although the Akhdams are Arabic-speaking Muslims just like most other Yemenis, they are considered to be at the very bottom of the supposedly abolished caste ladder”

Now I going to read an article called;

Akhdam people suffer history of discrimination. – SANA 2005 “Clean your plate if it is touched by a dog, but break it if it’s touched by a Khadem [meaning servant in Arabic].” This traditional saying expresses the contempt by mainstream society in Yemen against members of the Akhdam community. According to the most popular account, they are the descendants of Ethiopian invaders from the sixth century,(keep this time-frame in mind 500 AD - 600AD) forced ever since into the performance of menial jobs, such as sweeping and shoe-making. Generally isolated from the rest of Yemeni society, they reside in low-income districts outside of the cities. The Akhdam community of Mahwa Dar Salm district in Sana'a, for example, is a slum where some 3,000 men, women and children of the community reside in small huts haphazardly built of wood and cloth. With few basic services available to them, such as running water, electricity and sewage networks, poverty is rampand” Okay now if you want to read the rest of the article you can download it with this audio file. Now I going to dive into the history to explain who they are, why it happened and when this happened.

First you should know long before this area was called Yemen it was known as the Sabaean Kingdom. If you are familiar with the old testament than you should know that this is the ancient Land of Sheba. You should also know that Sheba is the grandson of Cush. This is what it reads from a book called;
After the Flood by Bill Cooper.
“Sheba: Minaean inscriptions from the north Yemen, and which date to the 9th century BC, tell us that Sheba was that kingdom's southern neighbor. The land of Sheba is also known to us from Assyrian inscriptions of the 8th century BC. Sheba was famous as the Land of Spices” and from Gen 10:7 “And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtecha: and the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan.” Cush was the brother of Mizraim, Put and Canaan the sons of Ham the so called cursed to be black according to the impostor and the Racist. Now anchor this in your mind Sheba is Yemen therefore Yemen is Sheba which means the people in this were 100% Black.

The next point you should know is that around 110 BC around the time of the Greek invasion into the Land of Canaan and during the time-frame of the book of Maccabees another African kingdom named the Himyarite Kingdom is established. Now this is very interesting because after the Himyar people migrated into Yemen and conquer the Sabaean Kingdom the land of Sheba becomes a Hebrew Kingdom. Let me repeat that after the conquering of the Sabaean people the Land of Sheba becomes a Hebrew Kingdom. Now this is important because it ties a lot of pieces together. First it settles the deception of the ignorant that claim the Hebrews are not African and it also gives us deeper insight to where the Hebrews migrated to after the invasion of the Greeks, the Romans and the Edomite conversion. Now before I continue let me read a second witness. This is from an article entitled: Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom by Ariel David.

And it Reads: “In 2014, researchers from a French-Saudi expedition studying rock inscriptions in southern Saudi Arabia announced they had discovered what could be the oldest texts written in the Arabic alphabet. But they did so very quietly, perhaps because the context of the texts is something of an embarrassment to some. The dozen or so engravings had been carved into the soft sandstone of the mountain passes around Bir Hima – a site about 100 kilometers north of the city of Najran, which over millennia has been plastered with thousands of inscriptions by passing travelers and officials.”

Okay now when you have time google the city of Najran and you will see that it is in the Land of Sheba. “Conveniently, at least two of the early Arabic petroglyphs that were discovered cited dates in an ancient calendar, and expert epigraphists quickly calculated that the oldest one corresponded to the year 469 or 470 CE”

Now keep in mind this is about 150 years before Islam and this is in the 5th century. “The discovery was sensational: the earliest ancient inscriptions using this pre-Islamic stage of Arabic script had been dated at least half a century later, and had all been found in Syria, which had suggested that the alphabet used to write the Koran had been developed far from the birthplace of Islam and its prophet”

Okay now I have to by pass most of this article to get to the part that I want to highlight. “One of the key, but often forgotten, players in Arabia at the time was the kingdom of Himyar. Established around the 2nd century CE, by the 4th century it had become a regional power. Headquartered in what is today Yemen, Himyar had conquered neighboring states, including the ancient kingdom of Sheba.”

Okay now this article confirms two things this is the African Himyarite Kingdom and they are in the land of Sheba now I will fast forward to more discoveries.

“It is unclear how much of the population converted, but what is sure is that in the Himyarite capital of Zafar (south of Sana’a), references to pagan gods largely disappear from royal inscriptions and texts on public buildings, and are replaced by writings that refer to a single deity. Using mostly the local Sabean language (and in some rare cases Hebrew), this god is alternatively described as Rahmanan – the Merciful – the “Lord of the Heavens and Earth,” the “God of Israel” and “Lord of the Jews.” Prayers invoke his blessings on the “people of Israel” and those invocations often end with shalom and amen.”

Okay now let’s translate this to what we know based on our knowledge Rahmanan – the Merciful – the “Lord of the Heavens and Earth,” the “God of Israel” and “Lord of the Jews.” Should say YAHUWAH the Merciful the YAH of the Heavens and Earth. the YAH of the Israelite's and YAH of the tribe of Yahuda. Now we all know how when they discover something the meaning always seems to change just like the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bible, the Torah and the Quran anyway, now lets follow the stages of events, we have the Hebrew Himyarite Kingdom of 525 and at the time the African Kingdom of Aksum is coming on the scene. Now keep in mind this is during the Byzantine era so Judaism is now being merged into Christianity is coming in. The Aksum Kingdom is rising during the time of the Byzantine Empire era from 395 till 1453. Than the great African Zagwe Dynasty comes to power from 900 till 1270 and than around in 1270 the Ethiopian Empire rises and from this we get the Solomonic dynasty which is the House of Solomon. Which means the Hebrews became the Christians the authentic lineage of Christianity was established went from the Himyarite Kingdom, to the Aksum Kingdom, to the Zagwe Dynasty merged with the Ethiopian Empire and settled in the House of Solomon which is as known as the Solomonic dynasty. Which means the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie was the true heir of the House of Solomon the root of truth.

Are you hearing me today? The last Emperor of the Solomonic dynasty is named Amha Selassie the present Emperor of Ethiopia is name Crown Prince Zera Yacob Amha Selassie. Now I want people to pay attention especially if you are black. The Crown Prince Zera Yacob Amha Selassie is of the Seed of Yacob the authentic people that made a covenant with AHYAH he looks like you. Now lets get back to Yemen.

I hope you all are still following me and keep in mind I’m still speaking about the history of the Al Akhdam of Yemen also known as the marginalized ones.

Now in the Land of Sheba we are staring to see the shifting of power around 1171 AD the Islamic Fatimad Dynasty falls to the Ayyubid Dynasty. The Ayyubid Dynasty is not African they are from the north we now known them as the Kurdish people today. Also keep in mind the Fatimid Dynasty and the Kingdom of Aksum existed in parallel one was Islamic the other Christian and both were African. This fact is important because it relates to the moors and the Arab racism we see today. Like I said the Fatimid Caliphate was a powerful Black Shia Muslims Caliphate and they fell around 1171 to the foreign Sunni Muslim Caliphate. This was under the first Sultan of Egypt name Saladin and after from 1171 till 1260 we had the Kurdish Ayyubid dynasty. Keep in mind at this time the great African Dynasty of Zagwe is still standing in the Land of Sheba.

We also have the most power Shia sects to ever exist called the Zaidiyyah whom are co existing with the African Zagwe Dynasty now let me explain who are the Zaidiyyah. The name ZaidiyYAH comes from the lineage of Zayd ibn Ali the name means Prosperous; or Increasing when you add YAH to Zayd it means Yah will increase or Yah will make Prosperous. Zayd ibn Ali was a grandson of Husayn ibn Ali. If you are not muslim you might wonder who was Husayn ibn Ali? Let me explain Husayn ibn Ali was a grandson of the one and only prophet Muhammad (PBAH). Okay so this means he was a son of Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBAH) whom was the first Shia Imam. Now just like the Crown Prince Zera Yacob Amha Selassie is important to the foundation of Judaism and Christianity it’s also vital to know the connection to the first Shia Imam of Islam.

Okay now really pay close attention this is very important. The Zaidiyyah’s were also located in the Land of Sheba and this is the same location of the city of Najran were they found the Ancient Hebrews writing in stone. The Zaidiyyah founded the powerful Fatimid Caliphate we know this because the name Fatimid comes from Fatima the wife of Ali and the daughter of Muhammad. This is happening during the time of the Kingdom of Aksum and the Zagwe dynasty from 909 till 1171.

Now the history behind this is because of a dispute the Abbasid Caliphate came to power after they over thru the Umayyad Caliphate. You will read how corrupt Umayyad had became how Abu Bakr ask for the help of Ali to bring back morality. This was because Ali walked with Muhammad like Yacob walked with his brother Yahushua for those of you lost in translation this is James the brother of Jesus. Ali wrote and studied the Quran.

Ali was married to Muhammad's daughter. He was the son in law of the Prophet so yes he helped write the Quran after the death of Muhammad and at that time there was a major dispute over Islam because usurpers did not have the book. The Arabs from the north took control the religion and the family of Muhammad went into exile right after the Prophet Muhammad (PBAH) died. Than the Umayyad Caliphate tries to wipe out the line of the prophet Muhammad in what is called the Battle of Karbala of 680 AD. Than in the Revolt of Zayd ibn Ali of 750 AD the Umayyad Caliphate falls to the Abbasid Caliphate. Fast forward to around 909 AD the Fatimid Caliphate comes to power and than they are over thrown in 1171. Than we have the rise of the Kurdish Ayyubid dynasty under Saladin and the Fatimid states are rolled into the second Abbasid Caliphate which lasted from 1261 till 1517 which allowed them to take full control of the land of Sheba. Now in present time 2019 we have the Houthi of Yemen whom trace their roots to Zaidiyyah. In addition the reason Iran is in the target of Saudi Arabia, the United States of America and Israel is because the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei is a powerful leader of the Shia branch of Islam. Now not just any Shia branch of Islam but the Zaidiyyah. This is why they are protecting the people of Yemen.

Okay I will now close on Yemen’s history. In the area of north Africa in the land of Egypt around the time-frame 1229 AD the Islamic Rasulid Dynasty started to get a foot hold in the area of Sheba because the African Kingdom of Zagwe was merged into the house of Solomon. This also allowed the Muslims to take full control of the land, this was the age of the caliphates, the Arabs are now enslaving those that do not convert to Islam. The Zaidiyyah and the Fatimid caliphate are merged into the Abbasid now fast forward to the time-frame of 1538 AD. The Ottoman Empire last from 1299 till 1923 remember it was the Ottoman that destroyed the Byzantine Empire in 1453. It was Ottoman that conquers the ancient Lands of Sheba with the help from the Portuguese State of India and the Dutch East India Company. Keep in mind The Holy Roman Empire and the Papal Bull Dum Diversas of 1452 this is not conspiracy this is history. So lets see we have the Portuguese State of India setting up trading post and the Islamic Mughal Empire creating the Dalit in the north and at the same time the Ottoman Empire is creating the Al-Akhdam in the south. Than the land of Sheba is changed to Yemen which means South in Arabic. Who are the Al-Akhdam? The Seed of Yacob. Why did they become the Al-Akhdam? To hide who they are and because of who they are. When did they become the Al-Akhdam? After the usurpers took full control of the land and started the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

Okay now in America the so called Negro on this continent has endured many attempt by the dominate society to make us like the out caste of India and Yemen. The Black Code is a 1685 decree written by the French monarchy to push all Negros located in the French colonial empire out of caste status which means America as well. Than 1865 the United States decided to upgrade the Black Codes in the name of Jim Crow which lasted well into the 1960s. Now in 2019 the Black Codes morphed into institutionalized racism and low income status in the richest economy on the planet. In many areas of the country the only opportunity is with in the service economy. The servants of America are Uber or Lift drivers, valets, waiters, bar tenders, bar backs, bus boys, cashiers, fast food employees, security officers, nigh club bouncers, nurse aids this is called the service economy.

We now see Bachelor and Masters graduates working in these positions the low income jobs are now being filled by illegal immigration. This is why now you have to speak Spanish if you want an interview and most Black people speak one language English. Which means even these jobs are off limits to the American Decedent of Slavery. Therefore we are becoming lower than an illegal immigrant into our own country. People can come to your country illegally and are made more qualified for employment and mean while the Social Justice Warrior is in the street fighting for their rights of illegals to take your position. As we are pushed farther down in society. Now I have a question. How dose this make you feel?

But the politicians have a solution for this problem because they are watching our reaction. The reaction is called the A.D.O.S movement now the solution is proposed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They tell us the solution is called International Socialism no not “All African People's Revolutionary Party type Socialism, but Bolsheviks Revolution, North Korea, Communist China type Socialism. The kind that killed over 200 million people. The Fabian plan in full effect. Are you starting to see it? This is problem reaction solution 101.

This is why Dr. Tracey McCarthy’s information is extremely vital. We have to clearly distinguished the difference between Social Justice and Restorative Justice. We fell for this deception already it is called affirmative action. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the burning house metaphor Martin Luther King Jr spoke about. Now to be clear we would not need affirmative action if in 1933 the National Industrial Recovery Act also called the New Deal did not purposely cut out the so called Negros. Now think about this our United States government in 1934 created a law that would keep the most vulnerable member of our society, the members that went thru slavery just 70 years prior, the same group that had to endure Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, countless riots and the repeated theft of our wealth without repercussion (might I add), to be cut out of the New Deal. Therefore the people that needed it the most did not get it on purpose. Now 85 years later in the year 2019 they are telling us the solution is Affirmative action 2.0 which is welfare for every body. Even the people you have to complete with for that low income service job this what they mean by Social justice no justice for us.

Now I want to get back to restorative justice vs social justice. Here is an explanation of restorative justice. Restorative; Websters; something that serves to restore to consciousness, vigor, or health. Dictionary on line; capable of renewing health or strength. This definition is simple and straight to the point like truth. We need restorative justice not social justice because a specific wrong was done purposely towards a specific people. We have a legal claim not a social justice claim, a restorative justice claim, we do not want welfare, we do not want handouts, this is not an issue of diversity. We demand the same treatment you did for the Jews after the holocaust. Restorative justice for a specific people, you did not restore the Jehovah witnesses in Nazi Germany, you did not restore the Pink triangles in Nazi Germany, nor the Gypsies, the Romanis, the Serbs or the Poles and to my knowledge Germany didn't put billions of Deutsche Mark aside for the disabled. They only restored one Specific group of people. The Untied States Congress is still paying reparations to the Jews. You did it before and you will do it again, you have a debt that must be paid. You purposely keep us out of the New Deal of 1934 and gave our affirmative action to everyone, we need to be restored, to be made whole and we are not asking. YAHUWAH give us the Unity, the Strength, the Wisdom, the Determination, the Will and the Power of Yahushuah to make it so. Make this demonic social engineering beast give us back what it has stolen. Force the beast to give back what it has stolen.

Now before I forget would also like to acknowledge former Representative John Conyers, Jr for proposing H.R.40 the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans. Since 1997 Detroit rep John Conyers, Jr purposed bill H.R. 40, now in 2019 we are finally having the discussion. Keep in mind this bill is just to discus reparations and now 22 years later we are not disusing we are demanding. I also want to thank Antonio Moore of Tone Talks and Yvette Carnell of Breaking Brown for helping to push the American Descendants of Slavery A.D.O.S into the consciousness of our Planet. Regardless if you agree with them or not they are doing it Right On Time. We also can’t forget Dr, Claude Anderson, teacher Neelly Fuller for keeping us on code, Tariq Nasheed for bring it into the mainstream and if you are pushing this message you are on the right side of our-story.

Okay now here is where we get to the Spiritual part of the message. I will first analyses the Revelations concerning the 400 year captivity. Keep in mind the America 400 year time frame is going to be different for the South African, the South America and those in the Caribbean. The Dutch East Indian Company was founded March 20th 1602 they set their roots in South Africa in 1652. The date 1619 is a marker for A.D.O.S we know the stories of the black slave owners and the tall tales of the migration of free Africans if this makes you feel good to read the stories written by the victors than go ahead, you are still gotta pay. America is only one place where the Descendants of Slavery are. A.D.O.S is going to create the template for the rest of the victims to follow. The East and West Indian companies of Britain, Denmark, Portugal, France, Austria, Sweden and the African Company of Merchants all committed crimes against humanity. The Hudson's Bay company of Canada, the Mississippi Company of America, the South Sea Company of the British Empire, the Ostend Company of the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire benefited and participated in the destruction of Africa. Babylon will fall the Haitian Decedents of Slavery, the Jamaican Descendants of Slavery, the Virgin Island Descendants of Slavery, the Afro-Bahamian Descendants of Slavery, the Columbia Descendants of Slavery, the Brazilian Descendants of Slavery, the Venezuelan Decedents of Slavery 1619 is not the everyone’s time-frame and 2019 in just the beginning I just know we will strike the match that will light the fire. Okay now I’m going to take a quick break and I will be right back.