Prophets of War and the Trump Casino

Trump Casino - Military industrial complex

Welcome friends, family, old and new listeners I am you host Dawid Yacob Maccabeus AKA Plahu you are listening to Signs and Wonders the broadcast that came right on time. This message was scheduled for February 1th 2019, due to technical difficulties the time was rescheduled for March 3rd many of you know that March 20th 2019 will officially welcome the new year but according to the beast system 2019 has already begun. Today's broadcast is entitled Prophets of War and the Trump Casino before I begin I would like to send a message to AHYAH.


Bless this message O my AHYAH and open the ears of those that need to receive it. There are many confused listeners AHYAH and I ask that I do not add into this confusion. As stated in the book of Daniel: " And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my YAH, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, DaniyYAH : for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand " AHYAH this word today ring so true people lack the understanding of manipulated history verse true story, they are confused between Yahuwah and Yahweh, Yacob and Israel, Jews and Judah, the difference between Hebrew Spirituality and the religion of Baal, the Ancient Scriptures and the Talmud or the Kabbalah, the Dead Sea Scroll verse the Church fathers and the Hermetic religions yes AHAYH many lack the understanding of conflation. YAH we truly are at the time when only the Wise shall understand. Can the weak understand the reality of reptilian entities, demonic entities and off world beings manipulating our Planet?

AHYAH I ask that you help those that desire not to be confused help them understand. Let them know it's not about Religion but your personal walk with YAH, help them to understand that it is thru our ACTIONS power is given. Thank you AHYAH for your guidance and your blessings of wisdom so that I can over-stand the manipulations of the enemy. I ask the you guide those that need to hear this message to the proper content that will set them free. I ask that you help us free our Planet from the Grasp of the Serpent. Raise our vibrations YAH place back in tune. With love and praise in the name of YAHSHUAH all Praise AHYAH, all Praise AHYAH, all Praise AHYAH.

INTRO: Explanation about the blog. From looking at the state of our planet it is evident that many wicked men believe YAH dose not exist. They create constant wars with out repercussion making them more and more obvious of their arrogance. As we see you licking your lips preparing to devour the unborn as you fight for a right to kill a child while it's breathing. We feel you poison or Earth, poison our bodies our minds and souls the characteristic of your arrogance is shining as bright as the Sun. That same old snake the one we read about strutting thru the Earth without repercussion telling the world YAH dose not exist. For those of us that know, dose this all sound familiar?

Are you still studied up on scriptures? Yes it's that same old trick by this same old snake. We see a hand full of devoted Satanic corporation pushing to control space, the space between your eyes and the space between your ears, spreading lies like a virus infecting every aspect of life it is that same old insatiable, glutting, greedy, selfish, pleasure seeking Beast. Now they want to recapture Venezuela and get some more of that Black gold while spreading Swine Flu in Yemen, steal the wealth of Libya while committing genocide and again in Syria, and again in Sudan, and again in Mali roaming the Earth like a wild animal devouring at will. Dose this all sound familiar? This beast is totally exposed only the willing blind can not see. This arrogant disgusting, insatiable, glutting, greedy, selfish, pleasure seeking, slithering Beast. 

They don't even hide it anymore bulling nations to comply via upgraded Colonialism called Digital Colonialism 2.0. We are witnessing the Mark of the Beast system being setup as Facebook, Apple, Alphabet, Android, Spottily, Microsoft, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, Alexa, Siri and on and on bring A.I. online. Making way for the kings of the Earth creating such disparity that only 26 people own more wealth than half the worlds population. We are witnessing the beginning of the end and the destabilization of the planet courtesy of the Deep States. The Deep States of Europe and the United States of America faking humanity as the mask of democracy melts away forcing Sovereign Nations to comply. These demonic students of Madam Blavatsky children of the father of lies following the script of Albert Pike forcing the world into deeper and deeper decline.

Trump Casino - Hermeticism the Hermes Trismegistus and Rosicrucianism.

Now this all might sound quite depressing if you are not in tune however if you are in Tune you know the wise will understand, the blessed will over-stand and the Seed of truth will decapitate this Beast. If you are in Tune you have read the Script and you know we win they lose. Now how can 26 little demonic following fools defeat Millions of us awakening? They are out numbered and out smarted. Their power is in the illusion, smoke and mirrors like fiat currency backed by thin air. As more people begin to wake up more will refuse to comply and you, me, we do not have to comply. It is written we win, it is Prophesied and Vibrates thru out the Law from the book of Ezekiel Valley of Dry Bones to The vision of Obadiah we win they loss.

This broadcast will have a series of three parts part one Prophets of War and the Trump Casino, part two Pawns and Rebels 400 years and counting and finally part three Ma'at and the YAH of Justice. As we enter March 20th 2019 and the correct time of the New Year the seeds of retribution will begin to shine. Our ancestors will have peace we will put an end to the continuing African Holocaust. This European system of Babylon is nearing it's end and we will witness it's fall. The cracks are evident as I speak, the failed removal of Assad in Syria, the fight over Brexit, the riots in France, the anti EU league, the failing attempt to remove Nicolás Maduro and on and on. So the question is, why is Europe failing? Well to be blunt Europe is failing because the system of Babylon is falling. What we see in the media today was spoken of in ancient text called prophesy and one of these Prophecies is to take place during 2019. Let me explain.

venezuela - Juan Guaidó and Nicolás Maduro struggle for Venezuela’s Collapsed Oil Industry.

We first have to start with the European era of 1619 when the first African was force to be enslaved on the shores of the Northern Continent now called the Americas. Now let me be clear, my focus at the moment is not of the Islamic Edomite invasion of Africa and their slave trade Agreement with Afonso the V of Portugal and the creation of Dum Diversas of 1452 or the Romanus Pontifex of 1456. At this moment I'm not focusing on the Kingdom of Portugal when the Popes agreed to conquer the Saracens or the Tribes of so called Africans on the West Coasts of Africa that began the Europeans and Arab slave trade, or how Pope Nicholas V conveniently created the Papal Bull for slavery right as Frederick III of the Holy Roman Emperor and one year before the fall of the Byzantine Empire which allowed the Ottomans of the Seed of Esau to enslave the citizens of Byzantine. At the moment we are not speaking on this, we will also save Christopher Columbus under the Spanish monarchy of Isabella I of Castile whom was also under Frederick III of the Holy Roman Emperor these topics will be discussed at a latter time.

The topic of discussion at the moment takes place 167 years latter 1619 during the time when Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire are still enslaving the former residents of Arabia Petraea, Judaea, Gaza, Petra and pre-Ottoman Syria. With help from the African pawn shops they profit in the Blood of our Ancestors. Unfortunately many of you are letting the criminals off the hook by misleading the ignorant. Jumping on the disinformation making videos and helping the criminals. Stating our history is inaccurate or that slavery never happened places you in league with George Fitzhugh. The pro-slavery white supremacist whom claimed slavery was good for you. You do this while the spirits of our ancestors remain unsettled and you kill the seed of retribution.

For those of you falling for these deception I suggest that you research a few books first there is From Columbus to Castro The History of the Caribbean 1492-1969 by Eric Williams, Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust by Dr. John Henrik Clarke, The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams, From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews by Rudolph R. Windsor.

Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust - Dr. John Henrik Clarke, The Destruction of Black Civilization - Chancellor Williams, From Babylon to Timbuktu A History - Rudolph R. Windsor.

You can also study the UNESCO meetings called The African slave trade from fifteenth to the nineteenth century which is a collection of reports from meeting organized by UNESCO when it was held in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti 1978 however these reports do downgrade the destruction of our ancestors to a low number of 11 million people the United States and Israel still decided to leave future United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization research. It's funny how the same Nations that created this organization are now leaving it. Now that they can no longer control the truth and the crimes that Esua committed against Yah's creation are being exposed. Likewise in present day Babylon 2019 these same Nations are behind the scene manipulating the ill informed and watering down the Africa Holocaust and still committing the same crimes.

Now I have a few questions. Do you know the meaning of the statement psy ops? Have you fallen victim of the media propaganda? You do know psychological operation are implemented by the military industrial complex? Now anyone with a properly functioning brain should know more than 11 million souls were forced to take the journey of bondage to North America, the Caribbean Islands and South America. From 1885 to 1908 in the republic of Congo they can't agree between 10 or 20 million Souls. How can we trust them when they can even agree on the span of 23 years let alone 250 in North America.

Think about it they tell us 2 million died and 10.7 million were enslaved during the entire time of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. However in just 23 years one European nation kills so many people they lost count, than these same nations turn around and say this did not qualify as genocide. This is called disinformation to hide their crimes and it's hard to believe a word they say.

Now getting back to the 327 page UNESCO report called The African Slave trade from Fifteenth to the Nineteenth Century regardless of the low number we can read thru the documentation a copy of the report can be download from H.W.U.NET look for it on the research and documentation section of our websites. For those of you whom are now for those of you psy-oped or ill informed by the snake, you can deprogram yourself with tons of information on these sites.

Keep in mind the wealth you see today is a direct result from the Trans Atlantic Slave trade, the wealth structure can be traced from the Dutch East Indian company to the Banana republics in the West, the 1885 Berlin conference underline the facts and the demand for reparations. This word reparation is more than money, it is atonement, the confession of their crimes in which they well seek repentance, repentance for crimes against the Hebrews of the Seed of AHYAH. The children of the Snake have not begged for redemption for the crimes committed by their ancestors. And still they commit crimes against humanity, against the laws of the Planet and against AHYAH. There will be no peace on this Earth until justice is severed and this justice is called Reparations.

Trump Casino -  Berlin Conference of 1884–1885 the White Supremacy takeover of Africa.

Now I have a question for those falling for the Okie-Doke. Would you rather have clicks on YouTube or justice for your ancestors? You let them pollute the discussion concerning the African Holocaust as they give themselves cover, while they are slowly wiping us off our planet. These demons want nothing more than to take away our right for justice and this is the same trick they used during Jim Crow.

Take a look back when the United Daughters of the Confederacy of the Democratic Party lobbied the United States of America to honor Confederate soldiers. Think about it all the Confederate Statues we see today are a direct result of the influence of the Ku Klux Klan. The Confederate statues we see today come from the party that claims it loves Black people. Is this a surprise? How can this be a surprise when Brigadier General Albert Pike of the Confederate army stands in Washington DC? The KKK was founded by officers from the confederate army Brigadier General George Washington Gordon was the first Grand Dragon of the KKK he was also a Member of the United States House of Representatives he served as a Democratic from 1907 till 1911. Now think about this 43 years after the civil war, a General of the Confederate army, a former Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan was representing the Democrats in United States House of Representatives. In addition three years after this Grand Dragon of the KKK dies while still a member of congress a filmed called The Birth of a Nation is viewed in the White-house. The Birth of a nation played in 1915 and in that same year the Klu Klux Klan was reborn.

Now in 2019 things still have not changed the new trick of the moment is called ANTIFA. Theses are professional Agent provocateurs whom are yelling "down with White Supremacy" as if Black people voted for Hillary Clinton. Just like when Obama was in office fanning the flames of race war as Black Americans are out gunned and out numbered. Do you remember the Black Identity Extremist Label given to us by the FBI? All this can be traced to Hillary Clinton the destroyer of Libya, the thief of Haiti, the Queen of the bottomless pit and the former leader of the Democratic Party.

Trump Casino - Daughters of the confederate and the Ku Klux Klan's Origins.

Keep in mind this is the same party that targets Black women and manipulates them to abort our children since 1973 there has been 60,942,033 abortions and 37% of that number are Black children that's 37% of 60,942,033. Now keep in mind how devastating this is to our community where black women only make up 15% of the total population of America. Latest make this as simple as possible the lowest number of people make up the highest amount of sacrifices to the beast of Babylon.

This is called racial genocide, this is called eugenics and the Klu Klux Klan's master plan is in full effect all courtesy of the Democratic party. Now I'm not here to jump on party affiliation because I don't trust none of them. I just want us to be aware of what has happened. We need to wake up from the facade. Now those of you whom are spiritual minded are aware of what is written in the book concerning the Beast. As it Reads;

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Now when we see and trace the lines from scientific racism to Sir Francis Galton, than to Margaret Sanger and look 45 years ago written in the National Security Study Memorandum 200, the word states "we are suppose to know them by their fruits". Which brings us back to the Hilary Clinton and the failing ANTIFA psy-oped.

For those of you that have forgotten let me refresh your memory. Remember when she said Black males were Super predators and we needed to be brought to heel? Brought to Heel like a dog when forced to obey. Now have you ever researched this word heel? You find words like subjugated, conquer, tame, restraint, rule over, vanquish, and imprisoned her statement resulted in the loss of our liberty. She couldn't think of a better choice of words or was it the plan all along? In 1994 the Clinton's decided it would be a great idea to push a bill into law that would give the FBI and the United States police force the power to treat all young Black males like super predators. This bill would treat us like they were dealing with the mafia. Which meant No Knock no 4th amendment protection and with the stroke of a pen the young black male became by law a 3rd class citizen. This resulting in no 2nd amendment and losing the right to vote and the loss of freedom, many are still locked up in the so called land of liberty today.

All this and she still wanted our vote. In 2016 we saw her running around the Country with the washed up Saxophone playing, womanizing, warmongering always laying, phony wannabe first black president... (that is until the real poser came along), you know the one the first black President that reduced the Cocaine limit for powder but not for rock cocaine. After 29 years of the American crack tragedy along comes Barack Hussein Obama to sign a bill that reduces the cocaine limit for those holding powder but not crack.

For those a little confused let me explain. The low level Crack dealer went to jail for 20 years for 1/17 of what a real drug dealer would do which is 0.17 percent of 17 Ounces. Now lets put this in perspective 500 grams of is 1/2 a key, 1 key equals 25 thousand per brick according to 50 cent. If this is the case a half a brick cost 12 000 dollars now compared to 5 grams which is 1% of 500 Grams according to Wikipedia, 5 grams times 240 dollars will land you in prison for 5 years. Therefore if you are a crack dealer and you have more than 1199 dollars worth of crack than you are treated Just like they would treat the mafia.

Now to be clear this started with Ronald Reagan and George Bush however the Clinton sealed the deal. Remember the times? We had the Aids epidemic hitting white homosexual males than in mysteriously went to Haiti, than Africa and settled in America's Black communities. All this while calling Memorandum 46 a conspiracy theory, they are still trying to bury the work of Dr. Boyd Ed Graves. The internet is scrubbing his research on the how the HIV was created by the Government. Now do you think it's a coincidence how AIDS and Crack was kicking our ass at the same dam time? This is the National Security Study Memorandum 200, the Henry Kissinger depopulation plan 101 in full effect. They have Aids killing Haitians, West Africans, Southern African States and Black people in American courtesy of White Supremacy.

Now in present time 2019 we see another poser named Kamala Harris standing in-front of a Black Panther poster, talking about converses sneaker, smoking weed listening to Snoop Dog while ignoring her role in our mass incarceration. Another demonic Democrat pretending to care about the lower class of society while empowering White Supremacy. This is Pawns and Rebels 400 years and counting and Kamala Harris is Hillary Clinton 2.0. This women is a Poser another Boule upper class politician who will say anything to get you under control.

Now as Trump is forced to manage the United States like a Trump casino he is wheeling and dealing with the Deep State to keep his friends and family out of prison. We see the media threatening to impeach, pushing for war and down playing peace. While the Black community of America are feed Posers and Importers begging for 30 pieces of silver, we remain a permanent under class. Manipulated by the Hollywood Cabal pushing their homosexual agenda laughing as the Black community falls farther and farther into decline. The only solution out of this is to demand Reparations or we will be forced to separate. Many of us are clueless about whom controls the hidden State. No matter who we vote for the results will be the same. Our fate is determined by the state in which we decide and we must disassociate from those that placed us into this state. Which is how we became successful past we must repeat this or fall with the beast. They do not want us to succeed in this system, we are not going to succeed this system and we should not want to be a part of this system. As it reads in Revelations 18 Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Let's stop holding up this collapse and pray for it's downfall.

Trump Casino - William Guy Carr Pawns In The Game - Albert Pike and Mazzini letter.

Now to end part one I want to read a peculiar letter that was written by either Albert Pike or a member of the demonic elite class before the internet we were told this letter was written in 1871 by Albert Pike to a fellow lodge member Mazzini, (Keep in mind this is the founder of the MAFIA.) however recently the Grand Lodge of British Columbia claims it is a hoax. Regardless if they want to claim the legitimacy this letter still reveals the desire of the demonic elite and should gives us insight into what's coming. The First part of the letter speaks about World War I 43 Years before the War. And it reads; "The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions."

If you recall in 1914 The German Empire, The Ottoman Empire, Austria Hungry and Bulgaria lost the War. This brought in the Bolsheviks which latter became the Soviet Union. Notice where the letter says "The divergences caused by the "agentur" the agentur are also known as Propaganda Of The Deed and today ANTIFA. - Check!

Trump Casino - Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II of Russia start of World War One - WWI

The second part of the letter speaks on World War II 68 Year before the War. And it reads; "The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."

If you recall in 1939 we had Weimar Republic of Germany, The Japaneses Empire and Italy loss the war. Than we are told the Nazis and Fascist lost the War and in 1948 the Zionist force an Israeli state in Palestine. The the Soviet Union is create which starts the cold wars that last for 45 years. - Check!

Trump Casino - World War Two  - Origins of the State of Israel - WWII

The third part of the letter speaks on World War III and we are now at 148 Years.

And it reads;
" The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion."

Okay now keep in mind like I mentioned the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" is Propaganda Of The Deed these are agent provocateurs ANTIFA. They wear all black they disrupt peaceful protest. They are also paid mercenaries like Academi. We saw them in Libya pretending to by Al Qaeda, in Iraq pretending to be Al Qaeda, in Syria pretending to be Isis, in Venezuela pretending to be the opposition and in the United States of America marching with Black Lives Matter. The political Zionist are in the Democratic and Republican party. They are the ones trying to take away our free speech. This also lines up with the migration of Islam in Europe.

Trump Casino - World War Three - Propaganda Of The Deed - War with Iran - WWIII
"We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil."

This world Nihilists means total rejection of established laws and institutions. It also mean anarchist, insurgent, terrorist and agitator. Did Bush declare a war on Nihilists 18 years ago? This letter states that "we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm" Cataclysm; any violent upheaval, especially one of a social or political nature. Now was 2008 considered a Cataclysm? Then it say the effect of Atheism bring in savagery and the most bloody turmoil. I think allowing the State of New York and the State of Virginia to legalizing the murder of Children after they are born qualifies as savagery and bloody turmoil.

"Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view."
Trump Casino -  Vatican Hides Pedophiles - Homosexual and the luciferians Agenda.

Now in the book of Daniel it reads.

"And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my YAH, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, DaniyYAH : for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand"

The world is confused because Hollywood with the homosexual agenda, mind manipulation on television, forced vaccinations, DNA poisoning, Sexual deviant in the Church all this create the disillusioned with Christianity. Now if you haven't taken the blue pill than you will know this is speaking about Revelation. Where it says "The universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view." This is Revelation 13. We don't need this pathetic letter that allegedly was written by Lucifer or Albert Pike. We have already read it in scriptures.

And the last part reads: "This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

So the new religion will bring in the Dying God Concept that happens every 2160 years cycle the 12 Zodiac signs multiplied by 2160 equals 25920 years the Great Year. 2016 was suppose to be their year. I think in 2020 they want to make it happen. After this the major change will be 2088 and 2160. By know you should know this is the religion of Hermeticism the for runner of Luciferianism the religion of the Super rich and the Occult. Therefore the same ones that wrote the letter created the Wars.

Which brings us to Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Verses 9: "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." This little demonic pitful worm is fronting like he is in control fool this is old news because the Wise Shall Understand.

Thank you for listening stay tuned for Part 2 Pawns and Rebels 400 years and counting.

AHYAH thank you for this message I ask that you Bind and Bond the demonic forces, I ask that you weaken the power of Luciferianism from the wicked. Help us bring do these demons and let them know YOU are in control. As it is written in the Book of IsaiYah; "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of YAH: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?" Oh mighty AHYAH thank you for this message, thank you for lifting the curse of confusion. I ask that you send this message to your people and let them know you are by their side. Thank you for blessing us with Yahushua bless this message in his name HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.