What if cLINTOn – bETo 2020?

Update December 3rd 2018


This Version will differ slightly from AHYAH.net Version


If and when you see Clinton & Beto for president you will know the end is near. When the Millennials, the GMO victimized, MSM mind controlled along with Beta males all throw their support behind Beto the end is near. When the ANTIFA crowed the pink pussy hat wearing, pro choice hyper masculine females throw all their support behind Hillary the agenda is back on track. 2016 will be a bump in the road just a temporary set back. If they win the election we will see the destruction of our Planet called Earth. This wicked women lied to us all. Because of the deep demonic state that picks our leaders Americans are seen around the world as vile. Our image is destroyed and if we choose any of these same old weak minded pawns of Satan our Country will continue to burn. AHYAH is allowing Hurricanes in Florida,Texas and the Esat coast, AHYAH is allowing strange fires from heaven to destroy California. This is allowed because we fail to stop evil from running wild on our Planet. The Synagogue of Satan is vary real they are the parasitic predators the sellers of children the destroyers of worlds. If you Elect Hillary Clinton than your fate will be seal. She must pay for war crimes and than we will have peace.

Crazy and demonic  Ass Hillary Clinton



Because we all see the lies and deceptions. Everyone that has eyes to see can see that Hillary Clinton is EVIL. We can see that Bill Clinton is a Predator this is why the never Trump Neo Con crowd love Hillary and Bill Clinton, they are peas of the same pod. The Bush dynasty brought in the surveillance state and the Clinton's perfected the police state. Everyone that has eyes to see can see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lie to the World and green light the destruction of Libya. They lie as genocide continues fully supported by NATO. They never tell us about the mass graves. They never tell us about the rape of children and their support of human trafficking. Instead we see the major News media conglomerates spin stories and join themselves hip to hip to war crimes. Today it's AT&T, CBS Corporation, Walt Disney Corporation, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and BBC all cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton.


AT&T: Turner Broadcasting System which includes CNN.

* CBS Corporation: CBS News, CBSN.

* Walt Disney Co: ABC News, ABC News Radio.

21st Century Fox Fox News, Fox Business.

Comcast NBC, Cozi TV, Telemundo, TeleXitos.

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

  This is reality. This is 21st Century business just connect the dots. The media conglomerates are the mouth peace of Babylon. Now many of you are wondering how can the 1611 deadly wound and the present day Tower of Bel, both be Babylon? Because there is always parallels the parasite always dose the same trick. The 2016 seventy two year generation is being usurped. 2016 was the end of demonic rule. The people rejected Clinton and Obama because of their war crimes and the World knows it. France lead the charge to destroy Libya now look at France. The NATO nations dropped 60.000 bombs and Missile on the Libyan people. Now look at the European Union we see Brexit, austerity. Mass migration and the push for Nationalism. The Libyan effect Prophesied by Muammar Gaddafi. Now we see them doing the same thing to Syria. It would be mission accomplished if Putin did not intervene. The European Union is a demonic organization. This is why the 2016 winning vote on BREXIT and the Clinton loss was a threat. It gave the World time to see 100% pure evil. They fear the Believer, the Believer is the Seed of AHYAH the offspring of the upright. The believer is one that studies scriptures and identifies with morality. The Hebrews, the Christian and the Muslim are all believers. They are all being targeted the Hebrew was the first, the Muslims are the second and now we see the Christians.




National Security Study Memorandum 200

Kissinger, Eugenics And Depopulation


The Genocide of Libya by Obama, Hillary and New World Order

The so called Christian right are losing freedom of speech, because they didn't speak out against genocide. When and if cLINTOn and bETo run for the White House we will see un-controllable evil. This will mean America has placed an approval for war crimes. This is why if they win the election we will see the destruction of our Earth.

The Clinton Foundation