The Ravaging of Africa

Slavery Reparations Sought By Caribbean Nations For 'Lingering Legacy Of Atlantic Slave Trade'


MIAMI — Leaders of more than a dozen Caribbean countries are launching a united effort to seek compensation from three European nations for what they say is the lingering legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.

The Caribbean Community, a regional organization that typically focuses on rather dry issues such as economic integration, has taken up the cause of compensation for slavery and the genocide of native peoples and is preparing for what would likely be a drawn-out battle with the governments of Britain, France, and the Netherlands.

Caricom, as the organization is known, has enlisted the help of a prominent British human rights law firm and is creating a Reparations Commission to press the issue, said Ralph Gonsalves, the prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, who has been leading the effort.

The legacy of slavery includes widespread poverty and the lack of development that characterizes most of the region, Gonsalves said, adding that any settlement should include a formal apology, but contrition alone would not be sufficient.

"The apology is important but that is wholly insufficient," he said in a phone interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. "We have to have appropriate recompense."

The notion of forcing the countries that benefited from slavery to pay reparations has been a decades-long quest. Individual countries including Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda already had existing national commissions. Earlier this month, leaders from the 14 Caricom nations voted unanimously at a meeting in Trinidad to wage a joint campaign that those involved say would be more ambitious than any previous effort.

Each nation that does not have a national reparations commission agreed to set one up, sending a representative to the regional commission, which would be overseen by prime ministers. They agreed to focus on Britain on behalf of the English-speaking Caribbean as well as France for the slavery in Haiti and the Netherlands for Suriname, a former Dutch colony on the northeastern edge of South America that is a member of Caricom.

In addition, they brought on the British law firm of Leigh Day, which waged a successful fight for compensation for hundreds of Kenyans who were tortured by the British colonial government as they fought for the liberation of their country during the so-called Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s and 1960s.

Attorney Martyn Day said his first step would likely be to seek a negotiated settlement with the governments of France, Britain, and the Netherlands along the lines of the British agreement in June to issue a statement of regret and award compensation of about $21.5 million to the surviving Kenyans.

"I think they would undoubtedly want to try and see if this can be resolved amicably," Day said of the Caribbean countries. "But I think the reason they have hired us is that they want to show that they mean business."

Caribbean officials have not mentioned a specific monetary figure but Gonsalves and Verene Shepherd, chairwoman of the national reparations commission in Jamaica, both mentioned the fact that Britain at the time of emancipation in 1834 paid 20 million pounds to British planters in the Caribbean, the equivalent of 200 billion pounds today.

"Our ancestors got nothing," Shepherd said. "They got their freedom and they were told `Go develop yourselves.'"

British High Commissioner to Jamaica David Fitton was quizzed on the issue Wednesday during a radio interview and said that the Mau Mau case was not meant to be a precedent and that his government opposes reparations for slavery.

"We don't think the issue of reparations is the right way to address these issues," Fitton said. "It's not the right way to address a historical problem."

In 2007, marking the 200th anniversary of the British prohibition on the transportation of slaves, then British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed regret for the "unbearable suffering" caused by his country's role in slavery. After the devastating Haitian earthquake in January 2010, then French President Nicolas Sarkozy was asked about reparations for slavery and the 90 million gold francs demanded by Napoleon to recognize the country's independence. Sarkozy acknowledged the "wounds of colonization," and pointed out that France had canceled a 56 million euro debt to Paris and approved an aid package that included 40 million euros in budget support for the Haitian government.

Gonsalves said far more needs to be done and he hopes to begin an "honest, sober and robust," discussion with the European governments soon and intends to champion the issue when he becomes the chairman of Caricom in January. "You have to seize the time," he said.

The Ravaging of Africa, Part One: Militarizing Africa

By Asad Ismi Please support his work:

Part 1 of 4:  Militarizing Africa

"Nearly 80% of the strategic minerals the US requires are found in Africa, including 90% of th4e world's cobalt, 90% of the platinum,
40% of the gold, 98% of the chromium, 64% of the manganese, and one-third of the uranium. These minerals are needed to make jet engines, cars, missiles, electronic components, to manufacture iron and steel. No industrial society can exist without these substances. Africa also accounts for 18% of oil imports, a number which is expected to rise.

"Africa is the most war-torn region in the world, with armed conflicts going on in nine countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia with Somalia, civil war within Ethiopia, Uganda, Chad, Nigeria, Morrocco with Western Sahara, and Algeria. The U.S. has provided arms and military training to participants in all nine of these wars. Washington has done the same in another six wars which ended between 2002 and 2006. These are the long civil wars in Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Burundi, as well as that in Congo-Brazzaville."

"According to William Hartung, author of the report Deadly Legacy, U.S. Arms and the Congo War the U.S. sent $1.5 billion in arms and training to Africa during the Cold War years, 1950 to 1989. This 'set the stage for the current round of conflicts in the region'..."

"The Clinton Administration undertook a new wave of military assistance and training programs. In the 1990s the US gave military assistance to 50 countries in Africa out of a total of 53. The US has 4 different military training programs for Africa. Since 2001 the Bush administration has doubled US military aid to Africa, and quadrupled US arms transfers..."

"The most destructive case of US military intervention in Africa is the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the heart of the continent. This war has killed more than four million people since 1998 and destroyed the second largest country in Africa. The Congo is the richest country in the continent, holding the world's biggest copper, cobalt and cadmium deposits.
The US's proxies for this genocide are Rwanda and Uganda, which started the war in 1998 by invading the Congo with Washington's encouragement and support, and have since been looting hte country's resources and sending them to the West."

Thus begins "Militarizing Africa" by Asad Ismi and Christian Schwartz. To listen to the entire 30 minutes of "Militarizing Africa" click the flash player below.


Written by Asad Ismi 
 Produced by Kristin Schwartz 
 Translation by Maziar Mohajir at Toronto Conversation Corner & Farid Omar 
 Voice-over by Benedicta Madawo 
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Truth Should Be Told, Before My Eyes Finally Close In Death.

by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

"My greatest wish, honorable friends, is that the truth should be told, before my eyes finally close in death. Last night, I thought at long last, I would find the rest I need. I cannot live in a world where there is so much evil, a world at the same time which has so much potential for good.

I demand it of the nations of the world: stop looting Africa. Stop defiling my motherland. Listen to Africa, please. Listen to the race already under sentence of death by American, British and whatever scientists.

We have been sentenced to death without being given a chance to plead in our own defense. We have been condemned like unwanted dogs. A disease was made specifically to destroy us. We have never been given a chance.

Before the judgment seat of whatever imaginary God there may be, I demand that Africa should be given a hearing. I demand that Africa should not be destroyed until she has had her fullest chance to plead in her defense. Even a criminal standing on the very edge of a scaffold still has a chance to speak in his or her defense.

Africa... Africa has much to contribute to the world. And I speak as one who, through no cleverness of my own, but through the blind hand of fate, I have been to many places in this world.

Don't ask me about Japan. I know those fragrant islands. Don't ask me about Hawaii, I was there. Don't ask me about ... about Peru, about that mighty lake called Titicaca, where my African lungs could barely breathe.

I want Africa to be given a fair hearing by the nations of the world before she is destroyed because we are being destroyed. America, Britain, and whatever monstrous creatures are skulking behind those nations, have sentenced my people to death.

But we Africans are the golden link that connects all humanity together. We should be listened to. We have got a case to plead at the foot of the judgment seat of cruel humanity.

I have lived. I have traveled. I feel no sense of achievement. I just feel a great sorrow that a human... a nation, can sentence another nation to death, like so much vermin.

My wife of 40 years is dead. The woman who presented me with eight children is gone. My eyes are haunted by the memory of death."

I, Credo Mutwa, have no right to breathe the air of this Earth. I should die and go, go to hell in a bucket, for all I care. But the truth must be spoken through these lips before they are silenced.

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

Why do European Nations and the United States elite Owners need to attack Somalia?

Written By PLAHU Yacob Zakiyyah (UPDATED JUNE 14th 2013 - noticed major typos)

Answer: Because it is the area of the root of our culture.

Yemen is just in eyesight away from Somalia and in Yemen, you will find the root of Banu Hashim the Akhdam the direct lineage of Muhammad, Ali, Fatimah, Husain, Hassan, and Zakiyyah. The demonic powers that are pushing this war agenda are trying to destroy all traces of our people. They are trying to destroy AHYAH's people once and for all times. Since September 11th, 2001 the religion of Islam has been in the crosshairs of these demons. This is not new, but in today's times, it is different. Black people in America for the first time in a very long time are starting to get our fighting spirit back. I can feel it from the Hebrews in Ameria. We have a force of well over 500,000 and growing. There are so many of us on Facebook I do not have the time to add them to my friend's list. Fakebook is so scared that they suspend my account twice for accepting and requesting friends. When I do a search for the name AHYAH on Google I see how they carefully manipulated my SEO information to say as little as possible of the Name of AHYAH. They place a link to my PDF when they know that I have a whole page. This is not an accident. Google is a search engine, the spiders in Google search the pages to retrieve the name AHYAH. This means they have manipulated their search engine to hide the Name of AHYAH. This is serious and it has to come from the top and this means they are running scared. Which shows they are weak.

They created a site on Ning called (ahyahasherahyahyahuwah.ning) this is obviously a fake Black Hebrew Website. They use pictures of our people to promote their stolen history, and their Kabbalah to push their demonic religion. They even have a picture of Malcolm X on their site to sell the lie. It is pitiful. They only have a few members, but yet they outrank HWUNET.ORG and when you search for the Name AHYAH. This is not possible because I placed AHYAH's name all over the place.. This is called FEAR. They hope to subvert the Original Hebrews once again to promote their depraved, demonic, Hermetic version of our spirituality. These people will never give up until they are exposed. Like snakes, they subvert. Link snakes they hide in the shadows until they can strike. They hid the name of AHYAH. They hid the name of Yahushua. They hid and stole the identity of the Original Hebrews. Now they are trying to slither their disgusting pure evil weak pathetic pawns in position to SUBVERT. This will never happen again. We are awake and we see you. We are waking up to the deceptions of the new type of Jew. The ones that are taking on the traditions of the Ashkenazi Jews. They are following the history and traditions while ignoring the ELEPHANT in the room. Which is that the Original Hebrews of our Bible are not Ashkenazi German Jews, the Ashkenazi follows the Kabbalah and they do not understand the difference between AHYAH and Yahweh 72...or they pretend to not understand. The Ashkenazis will not admit that they stole our spirituality, history, and culture and created their religion. They took this from the Ancient Original dark skinned people that their European ancestors sold into slavery. Now how can we accept this new Messianic Jew when you are still trying to still and hide those that AHYAH has chosen? So it looks very suspect to me that someone created this Ning website.

I also stumbled across a few sites owned and operated by a man named Douglas Christian Larsen aka Wolf Larsen, but he abruptly canceled all of his websites that relate to Messianic Judaism. I wonder why? This was one of the sites that received Google favoritism over Hebrews Wake Up. Did we discover an another CIA deception plan? Was this the Pale horse scenario to bring in the King of Zion spoken of in the Protocols? Every one of his websites has been disabled. Why? This is important because one of the options to bring in the false prophet of Israel is a worldwide deadly virus pandemic. This pandemic is a virus created like the Aids, Sars and Swine Flu virus. Is this new CORONAVIRUS the start of this pandemic (Pan  Demonic)? Is Douglas Christian Larsen aka WOLF Larsen working for the CIA as well?

TruthSeek.Net (Taken Down), DECEIVINGTHEELECT.NET(Taken Down), (Taken Down), (Taken Down), (Taken Down), (Taken Down), (Taken Down), (Taken Down).

Click Here to download PDF File


So what does this have to do with Somalia? Well, the apple of AHYAH's eye is those that believe on his Name. Many Muslims, Christians, and Hebrews of the original root love AHYAH. Many call him by different names, but our LOVE is all the same. The Original Black African Muslim is the link between the Original Black Hebrew in America. We are all one people and the powers that are in control understand these facts. They know that when we all reconnect with our people and see the deception there will be a mighty force. A mighty force that will solve all of the problems on this planet. The fake ones that I call Jews of the seed of Greece, Rome, Esau, Germany, Khazar, and Rus are trying like hell to suppress this truth. They know that they cannot lie forever, the Jews that say they are Jews are lying and have been for a long time. This is why they needed to create Al Qaeda to destroy our people in Somalia, they also created Al-Shabab a United States backed CIA front group. Just recently they had a knife attack in London linked to Al-Shabab, and also the recent attack in Kenya. It is so obvious it is painful. They are hoping to cause hatred and despair, so they can send European forces in full view to KILL anything black. They did this in Libya so it should not be a surprise. They need to do this because the West which is Israel, NATO, and the United States all controlled by the 1% Elite know that it is written. We Win. They are being judged right before your eyes. Once they start WWIII you can set the clock to the countdown o their destruction. They hope to bring in their King of the Jews, to save the earth, but he is already exposed. Somalia is a reflection of their desperation, so have no fear you are seeing the last breaths of our Enemy.

("AHYAH I ask that you break the power of this beast and his system of manipulation and deception, they are murderers, they are liars and they are thieves bring down their power and destroy them completely. I ask you AHYAH expose these fake Nazi Jews that is lying on your Name. All Praise AHYAH the Creator of ALL.")

Written By PLAHU Yacob Zakiyyah aka Dawid Yacob Maccabeus

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe - United Nations Speech

Obama Ignored Anti-Gaddafi Forces Slaughtering of Blacks in Libya.

NATO Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing to Enslave Libya With Western Media

Written by Dawid Yacob Maccabeus © H.W.U.Network 2014