Two-Gun Grabbers RECALLED in first Recall in Colorado State History!

Posted by Glenn Canady on September 11, 2013, at 2:00 pm

Note from Glenn Canady: Some of you have asked why I continue to expose Alex Jones when he's "done so much"! Alex Jones has had 19 years to push the concept of recall elections! He's known all about them because he's not stupid! With his money and reach, he could have EASILY setup recall petitions around the country to vote out ALL who break their oaths to the Constitution! He has NEVER done that! Stew Webb and I with no money had to start to tell exactly how this recall petition was done in Colorado and now through the hard work of all those in Colorado, it's been successful! When I checked Alex's websites today, there is no mention of these recalls! What a joke! A search for "recall" on his websites returns nothing as of today! Why would a "patriot" hide the biggest weapon in voting out new world order scum? In my article on the front page of Project Nsearch have proved that Alex Jones has lied, censored and directly aided the Illuminati through his actions and inactions! His censorship of the entire Recall Petition solution for over 19 years shows that he is a GATEKEEPER to keep the sheep asleep to REAL solutions!

Spread the word! The Recall Petition Sword has just vanquished two new world order gun grabber types that voted for the worst gun control law in the country! This story is being censored! I need your help to spread it everywhere! Stew Webb reports that the new world order is ANGRY that this recall petition was successful because it sets up many more in the future and they KNOW this!

Glenn Canady

Morse, Giron lose recalls over gun laws support

DENVER - Two Colorado state lawmakers who backed gun-control measures in the aftermath of the mass shootings in Aurora and Connecticut last year have been ousted in recall elections.

With El Paso County completely tallied, 50.96 percent of voters cast ballots to remove state Sen. John Morse, a Democrat, from office and 49.04 percent cast ballots to keep him, according to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Pueblo voters in Democratic Sen. Angela Giron's district approved her recall, with results coming in late Tuesday. Earlier returns showed voters favored keeping Giron in office but later results showed 56.01 percent of voters favored a recall for Giron while 43.99 percent did not, according to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Morse called the loss of his Senate seat "purely symbolic" during his concession speech in Colorado Springs. He reminded the crowd that Democrats still have control.

Morse was an appealing target for a recall because he narrowly won re-election in 2010. He supported several Democratic-sponsored gun bills this year.

Republican Bernie Herpin won 100 percent of the ballots to assume Morse's seat.

In Giron's race, voters chose Republican George Rivera, a former Pueblo police officer, to replace her.

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