History of Infowars True or False?

As I state on my pages, I am a tenacious person with a working heart. If the Jones machine thinks it has won another battle, let them...they are losing the war. Like I told you before, Alex, welcome to MY little corner of the Internet. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I have recovered the page that caused the Christian Media Research site to be hacked. I had to do screen captures to get it. The images below represent the complete page. So, even though there has been a concerted effort taken to remove this information from the net, thereby covering up the story, they have failed yet again. That's what happens when these arrogant creeps play these games. It comes back to bite them in the ass.So....in the interest of true journalism, here's the page that caused the hacking of the Christian Media Research website....enjoy. I have trimmed down the background graphic to make the images more manageable, otherwise, it is complete as posted on the CMR site. I will notify you when the CMR site has been repaired and the threat is gone.

By Alex Jones War Machine August 21, 2010

Source; http://www.alexjonesmachine.com/cmrhack.htm