Mystery surrounds Malcolm Shabazz murder

Colin Campbell, Press TV, Washington May 14, 2013

His life was cut short at 28 years old. Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of famed civil rights activist Malcolm X mysteriously died while on a trip to Mexico.Some reports say that Shabazz was robbed while others say he was murdered. In a report from Talking Points Memo, according to an associate, Shabazz was badly beaten during a robbery last Wednesday in Mexico City. But others, such as Dr. Randy Short, a friend of Shabazz have other theories. Recently, Shabazz had become outspoken about the mistreatment of African-Americans and the disparities that they face in the US. This Press TV interview with Malcolm Shabazz was taken just more than one year ago. Shabazz was described as a spirited and passionate man who sometimes would give in to impulsiveness. He was a member and a supporter of the Occupy movement and championed a movement embracing black autonomy much like his grandfather Malcolm X did. READ MORE