White Minority of America

Welcome friends. Over the weak end, I stumbled across this video on youtube. The topic was concerning Thanksgiving, not to my surprise the news-caster explained how the stories that we all have been told, is a complete lie. Like the history of the true Hebrews of the Bible, a small group of Europeans has twisted truth to support theft and lies. The story of the Indians is told by the victors. The victors are merchants, politicians, and investors. The mainstream history books are controlled by this same group. In the near future, I will add a section on HWUNET.ORG to research the parallel hell, that the parasitic so-called elite have inflicted on our brothers, the endogamous peoples of the Americas. Here are a few books and videos to explore.

History is written by the victor and rewritten by the rebels, the truth is found somewhere in between times of freedom. We are now living in between times of freedom. The wars we see brewing in Europe and North Africa are being instigated by those that hate freedom. History is forever repeating. The merchants, politicians, and investors are at it again. The World Bank, European Union, IMF, and NATO keep showing the world their true nature. They can care less about the people.

Below are two books that are found in the report:

James W. "Jim" Loewen


" James W. "Jim" Loewen (born February 6, 1942) is an American sociologist, historian, and author, best known for his 1995 book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, which was republished in 2008. "


" Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is a 1995 book by sociologist James W. Loewen. It critically examines twelve American history textbooks and concludes that textbook authors propagate factually false, Eurocentric, and mythologized views of history. In addition to critiquing the dominant historical themes presented in textbooks, Loewen presents a number of his own historical themes that he says are ignored by traditional history textbooks. A newly revised and updated hardcover edition was released on April 1, 2008. The New Press lists Lies My Teacher Told Me as its top all-time bestseller "


" Robert Beverley, Jr. (1673 – April 21, 1722) was an important historian of early colonial Virginia. He was born in Jamestown and died in King and Queen County, Virginia. He was also a substantial planter of the time as well as an official in the colonial government. Beverley's History and the Present State of Virginia, published originally in London in 1705, is considered by many[who?] to be the most important and accurate history of early life in the Virginia colony.

Beverley took part in Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood's 1716 "Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Expedition" to the Shenandoah Valley. Journalist John Fontaine records that on the return trip, both Beverley and his horse fell, and rolled to the bottom of a hill, but without serious injury to either. However, when Beverley published a revised edition of his History in 1722, he continued it only to 1710, so there is no known account by Beverley of this event. "

Written By Plahu