Count the Number of the Beast

During the year 2012, I have found the Hidden date for a Mysterious event. At the time I believed it was a chosen date for the Parasitic elite to attempt to bring there, new world governance that we hear about.  Well better stated the Old World Order Again. The date was March 11th, 2013. Five months after I found this date the Pope stepped down and a new power took control. On March 13, 2013, I did a broadcast concerning these events you can find them here. This is a PDF file I created to document how I found it. Since that time I have discovered other dates and a better understanding of the 25920-year cycle. This is not just the number of year, but the number of years in the 360 GENERATIONS. (360 multiplied by 72 equals 25920). 

The word Occult means hidden. The numbers and symbols of the Occult are hidden in plain sight. The number 9 is a very important Number to the Parasites. One of the major numbers of the Parasites is the number (9) as you can see 9 = 360, 9 = 25920 and 9 = 72 this is the Number of the Beast (666) 666 = 18 and 18 = 9. There are 360 degrees in a circle. A circle always repeats, for example, the Old World Order is becoming the New World Order. 25920 years divide by 360 degrees of the Circle equals 72. 72 is the TIME of LIFE for 1 Generation. Therefore 1 Generation last 72 years. In the year 1944, a Generation ended and another Generation began. The year 2016 will be the start of a New Generation, therefore starting another 72-year Lifecycle. Now if there is another false flag like 911 in the years (2016 - 2018), like what happened on the date of August 9th, 1945 then these Parasites are at it again. 


This is called Counting the Number of the Beast. In Numerology, you count the number from left to right to find the hidden(Occult) Number.  The other occult Number (11), represents coming through a GATE the numbers 9 -11 are the Code numbers of the Parasitic elite class. Keep in mind the numbers are not good or bad they are just numbers. However, those that have the Power to give Numbers Power create whatever they want these numbers to represent.  Fill free to listen and download the broadcast I did on this topic called Victory Genesis 3:15 Bye Bye Babylon.

Thank you for your time. Plahu

These numbers about have meaning to the occult and this document will teach you how to read them.


Caduceus of Hermes
November 15, 2012, Prediction Of Mystery Event March 11-13 2013Time Line Of The Occult

How to add numbers.

  • Example: 214 is ( 2+1+4 ) = 7
  • Example: 25688 is ( 2+5+6+8+8 ) = 29 is ( 2+9 ) = 11
  • There are nine low numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • There are nine high numbers: 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99

Learn how to read the Beast.

Past & future predictions.

  • March 11 2013 - Start of Election Of New Pope.
  • March 13th 2013 - Election of New Pope.
  • March 20th 2015 - House of Saud attacks on Yeman.
  • Years 1944 - 2016 72 cycle end of the 28th Generation - Brexit 2016, Trump 2016
  • Years 2017 - End of the Parasitic Elite Class - End of Brezinski, End of Rockefeller and Fall of Clinton. $20000 BITCOIN.
  • March 2nd this happened in May 13th 2018 - U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem
  • March 9th 2020 Economic Freedom from the Beast of Babylon!


H.W.U.NET New Report March 13, 2013

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